About Us

Sydney four-piece Breaking Point are looking down the barrel of an incredibly busy 2016. The band have spent the past few years developing and refining their sound, creatively bringing together some of the most exciting elements of metal from different eras and styles. Testing the waters with their 2015 debut single Venom, Breaking Point have returned with their first EP in hand, boasting a handful of explosive songs backed up by an urge to hit the road.

This phase of any band's existence is one of the most exciting, both for the band - who get to experience full-fledged touring and recording - and for their music, which bears the unmistakable mark of this boundless creative energy. Breaking Point's first EP, Separated, is fuelled by this lightning in a bottle. Able to switch from a soaring chorus, to a thudding breakdown, to a face-melting solo with sheer precision, Breaking Point effortlessly weave together technical playing and infectious, universal melodies.

Separated ticks all the boxes for an exciting record: great production, great songs, great players and a great voice. Which is where we introduce the band... Powered by the rhythm section of drummer Nick Andreopoulos and bassist James Livas, Breaking Point have the most solid foundation for the onslaught of guitars brought by rhythm guitarist and vocalist Dennis Hritis, and the dexterous virtuosity of lead guitarist John Kritikos.

With such a skilled ensemble at the helm, Separated's songs are all blistering: from the anthemic chorus of Visions, to the neck-breaking groove of Four Walls, to the epic performances captured on the title track. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Blancato, Separated kicks off 2016 with a bang for Breaking Point, who have further writing and recording planned before year's end.

Hungry to clock up as many touring miles as possible, Breaking Point are ready to take Separated on the road to establish themselves as one of Australia's best new bands.